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Dr. Jeffrey Lang is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Kansas. He was born into a catholic family in Connecticut. He spent much of his early life in Catholic schools, but found no comfort and peace in the Christian religion or in God. when asked about his journey into Islam he said  “Like most kids back in the late 60s and early 70s, I started questioning all the values that we had at those times, political, social and religious, I rebelled against all the institutions that society held sacred including the Catholic Church”

Eventually these unanswered question led him to become an atheist. His mind was filled with questions for things he didn’t understand. “If there is a God, and he is all merciful and all loving, then why is there suffering on this earth? Why doesn’t He just take us to heaven? Why create all these people to suffer?”

He was introduced into the Islamic religion by some of his muslim friends he had met through university.  “We talked about religion. I asked them my questions, and I was really surprised by how carefully they had thought out their answers”

Dr. Lang eventually met a muslim student who gave him the copy of the Quran and some books on Islam, which really pushed him into the Islamic religion. He read the Quran on his own and eventually he found his way into the student-ran prayer hall at the university and surrendered himself to Islam.

He found the peace he had always wanted in the Quran.

“Painters can make the eyes of a portrait appear to be following you from one place to another, but which author can write a scripture that anticipates your daily vicissitudes?… Each night I would formulate questions and objections and somehow discover the answer the next day. It seemed that the author was reading my ideas and writing in the appropriate lines in time for my next reading. I have met myself in its pages…”

Lang now performs five-time daily prayers and finds much satisfaction spiritually and mentally. He finds the Fajr (pre-dawn) prayer as one of the most beautiful and moving rituals in Islam. “It is as if you temporarily leave this world and communicate with the angels in singing God’s praises before dawn.”

To the question how he finds it so captivating when the recitation of the Qur’an is in Arabic, which is totally foreign to him, he responds; “Why is a baby comforted by his mother’s voice?” He said reading the Qur’an gave him a great deal of comfort and strength in difficult times. From there on, faith was a matter of practice for Lang’s spiritual growth.

Although he has pursued a career in mathematics, a topic that is based on logic and facts he says that Islam appeals to a man’s reasoning

As faculty advisor for the Muslim Student Association, Lang said he viewed himself as the liaison between the student and their universities. He gets approval from university authorities to hold Islamic lectures. “The object of being their faculty advisor is to help them get their needs met as far as adjusting to the American culture and to procedures of the university. They appreciate the opportunity to have misconceptions corrected,” he said.