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Laurence B. Brown was born in 1959. He graduated from Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences, Brown University Medical School, and George Washington University. He is a retired Air Force officer, the medical director and ophthalmologist.

Brown’s journey into Islam began back in 1990, when his second daughter, Hannah, was born with a cardiovascular complication. Brown never described himself as a Christian before converting, he described himself as an atheist, denying the complete existence of God and even encouraged others to do it. He prayed for the first time in his life asking God to save his daughter’s life. In his prayer he said ,”God if you are there, I don’t know if you are, but if you are then I need help”. On that day he made a deal with God saying that if He saved his daughter and guided him to the religion He found most pleasing then Brown would follow. After being gone for fifteen minutes Brown went back into the operation room and the cardiothoracic doctor informed him that his daughter was going to be okay. When the doctor explained to him his daughter’s condition, he “just didn’t buy it”, when he saw this miracle he knew that this was the hand of his creator. Since he made a promise with God he started searching for His path. He started reading scriptures on various religions including buddhism, taoism, shintoism etc, when studying each religion he simply came to the conclusion that this wasn’t the right religion for him. He found lots of inconclusions in the different religions. When asked about Christianity, he says that there are lots of inconsistencies not only within the religion, but also in the bible. When he learned about Islam everything just made sense to him. All of his unanswered questions were suddenly answered. He found “ the consistency in the creed throughout the chain of revelation”, this was his reason for converting to Islam. Brown says that “Allah guided him to Islam” and that no one comes to religion on his own, but that God is the one to guide us.